Mint Startup Diaries

The Crypto Wave; Will India open the floodgates | Part 2

Episode Summary

In the latest dispatch of the "Mint- Startup Diaries", we talk about a subject which has become a hot talking point - 'the decentralization of finance (de-fi)' - driven by the public’s growing disillusionment with the centralised financial sector and its shortcomings. Increasingly. individuals are calling for control of their personal data, ownership, and money and decentralisation is being marked as a possible solution. Sample this, the highly anticipated market debut of Coinbase, which ended the day with worth $86 billion was a blockbuster IPO, sparking another rally in cryptocurrency prices worldwide. In this episode, we speak with Sumit Gupta, Co-founder & CEO- CoinDCX- a homegrown crypto exchange, Nitin Sharma, Partner at early-stage VC firm Antler and Sanjay Khan Nagra, Khaitan & Co. We unravel what the Coinbase IPO means for India, the deepening of de-fi in India, regulatory scrutiny, the future of cryptos, and so on.